Quality Used Car Sales from Aidan Piers in Cheshire

Meet Aidan our MD and the buyer of all our stock. He knows a quality car and is meticulous in ensuring that all our cars meet his high standards! He has been in the trade since 1983 and knows quality suppliers up and down the country.
Meet Orlaith our Personell Manager. Her job is to make sure our MD is at work on time and working till the late hours to get you the car you want...and she won't let up on him for a moment.
Meet Claire our Sales Manager. Her job is to help customers understand everything about the car they are interested in.
Meet Nick our Accounts Manager. Nick ensures prompt payment of invoices and organisation of our stock and accounting systems.
Meet Colin the national buyer who purchases vehicles for Aidan Piers. Colin has been a close friend & associate of Aidan's since 1979 & is actively buying stock on a daily basis nationwide, so give him a call & let him know what you have to sell.

Our product is "A vehicle fit for the purpose and as desired, in the hands of the happy user."

The nature of our company and key to our success?

With a nature and philosophy somewhat unusual for the motor trade, we concentrate on delivering the product and not the profit. We have a loyal customer base now in excess of 13000 happy customers. We use our purchasing skills and widely established contacts to get the exact car required as opposed to persuading people to buy what we have. We make sure you never need to go anywhere else to facilitate your vehicle requirements.

Aidan Piers - Quality New & Used Vehicle Sales