Car Search Facilities

We have, since 1997, specialised in sourcing the right vehicle for the right price.

With contacts throughout the UK it means that we have a network of suppliers to enable us to source and supply the vehicle of your choice via our CARSEARCH facility.

The standard of vehicle required by us when doing a car search is to the standard a "Reputable Main Dealer" could supply if they sold vehicles of that year and mileage.

It will be HPI Clear with National Mileage guarantee and checked thoroughly by our workshop before delivery. We supply a back up warranty with all our vehicles, which can be extended at a cost.

We can arrange finance in most cases subject to status and take your old vehicle. There is no charge for this service. If we already owned that exact vehicle and had it priced at the "CASH" price that was exactly right for the vehicle, you would be buying it right? We, of course, would have bought it a touch less than its value because we are buying through the trade and this is the only money we make. If we can't supply at the correct price we don't buy it for you.

We do, however, require a commitment from you before we start the car search, this includes an agreement to allow us an agreed period of time. (Minimum is 4 weeks). It empowers us to buy the right vehicle as detailed on your behalf when we have hunted it down and you agree to stop looking and complete the purchase when the vehicle arrives.

We always take a deposit of £500, this is refundable against the purchase of your vehicle, once it has been sourced and is not a charge for the service, it acts as a commitment to ourselves that you are serious about the vehicle that you wish to purchase. Should your vehicle, in the condition we require and at the price it should be not turn up within the agreed period, you get a full return of your deposit too. No risk yet you can tap into 20 years of buying experience and skill, thousands of contacts nationwide, and be at it 8 hours per day seven days per week until you've got it, without lifting a finger.

There are many customers who will make themselves available to tell you about their dealing with Aidan Piers. Some email addresses can be given for you to contact.

Please fill in the form below and let's get searching

The Product we strive to achieve every time is: "The desired vehicle meeting the customers criteria and fit for the purpose for which it was bought, in their hands."

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Maximum mileage
REJECTED colours
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Q: What happens if I find a vehicle while your looking?

A: The reason behind creating car search is to provide customers with the car that they want and haven't been able to find themselves. If you still want to look, then perhaps car search isn't for you at this present moment in time. We are not in competition with our customers. Our expertise lies in purchasing the best vehicles available.

Q: What if I don't like the vehicle you get me?

It is important that you have already made the right decision about the vehicle that you want before embarking on car search. A Car search vehicle is to Main Dealer standard, Hpi clear, Mileage checked, mechanically inspected and exactly the make model and criteria you asked us for. It will be a great example. We would suggest that you have already driven an example of the car before contacting us.

Q: Will you accept my car as a part exchange?

We are happy to take yours in part exchange but be advised we do not overcharge for our vehicles and therefore cannot overallow for yours. This means you will get a fair trade-in price but not an end-user retail price, we also set up finance and offer extended warranties should you desire.

Q: How quickly can you find my car?

A good question. Our team are expert in locating it, usually through our 20 years of well established trade contacts throughout the UK. The only thing is your vehicle has to come available in some way during this period so we can buy it. Whether this is because it is traded in or because our constant enquiring locates an owner who is in the service dept at the main dealer who has expressed they may be ready to sell. The wider your acceptable criteria the more likely this is. A Pink Mclaren F1 with yellow leather may be a bit awkward. We cant say how long, but we can work 7 days a week 8 hours a day to locate it for you.

Q: What happens if my circumstances change during the search and I cannot proceed?

A: We don't often have this but in a genuine instance, not a purchase elsewhere, we have retained a portion of the deposit for work undertaken and issued a credit note in relation to this amount to be used by the customer in the future when they next want to buy a vehicle thus not actually costing you anything at all in the long run.

Q: What happens if we reach the end of my time period and the vehicle has not become available?

Two things, either instruct us to go again or cancel the car search and we will immediately refund your whole deposit. There really is no risk.

Q: How do you do this for free?

A: If we already had the vehicle you were looking for in stock at the right price and in the condition a car search vehicle should be, you would buy it right! We would have paid slightly less for that vehicle as we are in the trade. The only difference is, we didn't know you wanted it until you did the car search so now we will offer our services and get it just for you. Same deal, different way round.

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